Silent Sunday

Savoury Nuts

I know, I haven’t shared a recipe on here in AGES, and this is almost not a recipe but a throw everything in a pan and then eat. Even though I can’t for the life of… Continue reading

Sick Mama

Mama’s can’t get sick…It’s a universal truth… Once you become a parent your job does not allow for holidays or sick days, so on Friday, when I found myself lying down on my bed… Continue reading

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

Reasons to Be Cheerful

Hmmm… Why am I cheerful this week? I could wax lyrical on why this week has not been a good week, lines and lines of complaints, though as the end of the week… Continue reading

Running in the Dark

Yesterday’s routine was all topsy-turvy, She demanded that I run, but with all the places I had to be, I didn’t know how I would fit it in? I decided 06:00 would be… Continue reading

The Gallery – Yellow

When I saw this weeks Gallery Prompt I screwed up my face. What on earth am I going to photograph for that? Dear Tara, how on earth is that simple? I really was… Continue reading

School Dinners

Maxi has just started P1, remember his first day, the deluge that met us at going home time? Well it’s not all getting caught in the rain and hail at going home time,… Continue reading


There are many ways to punish a person, as a child I was smacked (it was socially acceptable back then), grounded, made to do more chores, had my toys taken away, put fully clothed into the… Continue reading