He knows I love Mr Fox…

Today has been hard, the last few days have been hard… who am I kidding, the last few weeks have been hard.  No single reason, perhaps it is just my brain, or the… Continue reading

Lost and Found

Number of pairs of spectacles not on the bed side table = 1 Number of children up showered, dressed and fed in time to scoot down the hill to school and nursery on… Continue reading


The past few days and next few to come are full of special anniversaries. January the first was my blogs second birthday AND my parents fortieth wedding anniversary. Today is the second anniversary… Continue reading

Merry Christmas

I am sitting in my kitchen, it is 00:47 and I am waiting for the last “roll out” of the croissants I am making.  I have just made a divine apple sauce to… Continue reading

A Kind Word

It was 02:30 when I read a message from a dear twitter friend saying they had, had a tough day and wanted to get it out of their system, but had no way… Continue reading

Virtual vrs Reality

One of the definitions I have found for the word Virtual is Existing in the mind, especially as a product of the imagination. Recently I have found myself living and interacting with people in… Continue reading

Silent Sunday

Question Time

      I’ve not written anything here for ages. I’ve not even looked at the site. I am not sure why, perhaps it is because I stopped having access to a laptop,… Continue reading


Maxi met me at the school gates and looked sad. He looked right at me and said Mama I need new coloured pencils as I threw away all the ones I had. I… Continue reading

Wober Red

For those of you who are not able to speak Mini-ease,Wober Red is what Mini calls Robert Webb, who is the focus of my children’s current obsession. Why are my sons engrossed with Robert Webb?… Continue reading