All over the place

Hubs is on holiday this week, which is wonderful as he had to work really hard over Christmas and New Year.  There is one down shot, all my routines have gone out of… Continue reading


Today is my 13 th wedding anniversary (I have no idea why he puts up with me sometime, but I’m really lucky to have him!) Today is the day my mother relinquished responsibility for me,… Continue reading

The Tree… part 2

Sorry about just putting a picture of a tree yesterday, it was one from a walk we’d gone on whilst my sister was up.  It is a lovely oak tree the branches unfold… Continue reading

The tree

What’s in a name?

My husband of almost 13 years has been calling me his kitchen mechanic for as long as I can remember.  I think it is a fall out of him being in the navy,… Continue reading

Christmas is officially over

So today my sister went home having visited us for a week, so that’s it, Christmas is officially over.  Back to work for me…. no more free child care, no more magic fairy… Continue reading


Before I was a Mum I had a variety of jobs, I worked in a variety of industries including catering, avionics & oil, but none was to prepare me for the life of… Continue reading

Chocolate Truffles… the easy way

What were you doing on the morning of January 1st? I was making chocolate truffles, as I hadn’t found the time to make them before Christmas, my Sister was visiting and I’d promised that I’d… Continue reading


So I found myself this morning making chilli oil, and chilli/garlic/ginger oil.  There was no premeditation to it, just after the milk was put away after filling cereal bowls I saw the neat pile of Thai red… Continue reading

New Beginnings

OK, so I have decided to set myself a few challenges in 2011, Write a blog every day Learn how to crochet Make croissants from scratch Work out how my new camera works… Continue reading