Some-days I have to work on smiling, on projecting to the outside world that I’m fine and that all will be OK.  And on others it is easy, the smile takes over. Whether it… Continue reading

In need of a cheer up

I am so tired today, the boys have been playing up and I am uninspired to write anything.  I just want to crawl into my bed and hibernate. I was just looking through… Continue reading

Do spiders tickle in the night?

“Mummy I need to put on socks so the spiders don’t come and tickle me in the night” said Maxi as I was trying to get him ready to bed tonight, he was… Continue reading

A little sad

Today I am a little uninspired, and a little sad.  It is the end of hub’s holiday and he is going back to work this evening.  I am trying to get the house… Continue reading

I really like you

I really like you is not something I get told every day, and it still makes me feel warm and happy.  I am reminded of the days when boys started to notice me,… Continue reading

Food Revolution Friday

I know it’s Saturday, but I’ve only just heard about this! Today sitting in my inbox was a note that one of my favourite bloggers had added a post. Notes from the Cookie… Continue reading

My First Album Cover…

I got a meme on my facebook page today, and it amused me, so I thought I would share.  This is what it told me to do…. 1 – Go to Wikipedia and… Continue reading


I learnt a new word today, Hydromania – an excessive love of water.  And why did I get to hear about this new word in my vocabulary? Well my darling 2 year old had gone… Continue reading

Fantasy vrs Reality

As a mum of very wee children I will admit during the dull parts of my day my mind wanders to a fantasy land, that, amongst other things, I can walk in the sunshine along… Continue reading

Ghosts of the past and of the future.

Today I saw a picture of a ghost from the past, a face I would rather forget.  One that I rarely if ever talk of and try not to think of either. However… Continue reading