Happy 50th

Today is a my friend’s 50th birthday. A dear friend, who is an amazing orator, wall painter, inspirer, husband, listener and has a grade 4 brain tumour, called glioblastoma multiforme, will be turning… Continue reading

Competitive… Moi?

The question of whether I am competitive has a simple answer. Yes, always, without doubt. However… I endeavour not to be too competitive when playing games with my children, they are competitive enough… Continue reading


The summer school holidays in Scotland start a month before those everywhere in the British Isles. It seems to be tradition, or habit, for families to go on holiday the day after the… Continue reading

Twenty Four Hours

I have recently spent twenty-fours hours in bliss. The best twenty-four hours I have experienced in a very long time, definitely of this year. Perhaps it was the vintage champagne or the divine,… Continue reading

Five Minutes

Within seconds your greeting floored me, I was in shock. Perhaps it was the fact I had been up most of the night, perhaps it was because I was really looking forward to… Continue reading


So I’ve not written here in ages and I’ve been wondering why. Part of it is because I am starting a new wee project which has been taking up my time. Most of… Continue reading

Why do buses come in threes?

A question that has been tumbling through my mind of late, is why do buses often arrive in threes? I know, it is totally random, but I’ve been trying to quantify the answer. Yes, there… Continue reading


This is a very hard post to write, I received some sad news this morning. A friend died last night. She died by her own hand. And whilst it is by no means my fault,… Continue reading


So last night was the day to use up all the bits and pieces in the house to start 40 days of fasting. That’s what pancake day is all about isn’t it? Well… Continue reading

New years challenges

I wrote this a while ago, but forgot to post it, I know it is almost February, but better late than never. Last year I set myself the following challenges; Tweet less &… Continue reading