…is be me

You complain at my silence and ignore my words. Your behaviour confuses. Thus my conclusion is; all I can be is just me (and that is how it should always be). All I can… Continue reading

Silent Sunday

All Wrong

I keep trying to write things, but everything I write is all coming out wrong. So I thought I would share a photo of my parent’s Hibiscus. A plant that is over six-foot… Continue reading


My memory has gone crazy of late, to be perfectly honest it has disappeared. Both my long-term and short-term memory have been bad, very bad. Thank goodness most of my interactions are on-line… Continue reading

Fabric Conditioner

*This is not a sponsored post* The brand of fabric softener I use is Lenor. This is due to DH, allegedly, not being able use any other softener brand. I purchase my softener… Continue reading

Pooh Corner

Pooh Corner is in Heartfield which is about seventeen miles from where my parents live. So since Mini had been nagging for weeks to play Pooh sticks, always at dried up rivers, it… Continue reading


We are currently in the season of strawberries, if you are at the greengrocer or fruit and veg section of the supermarket, your senses will be assaulted by the smell of strawberries. Or… Continue reading


Now those of you who know me, know that I try to run or jog or cycle, when my foot and ankle aren’t buggered. And when I do, I know to wear exceptional engineering… Continue reading

Dear Ed Sherrin

Dear Ed Sherrin, This may seem exceedingly unreasonable, but please stop making music. Or rather, you can make as much music as you like, just please stop releasing it or encouraging radio stations… Continue reading

The sea

Recently, whilst down south, I had a delightful excuse to visit the seaside. The temperature was in the early thirties centigrade and having explored the town I needed to cool off. Whilst I… Continue reading