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Question Time

      I’ve not written anything here for ages. I’ve not even looked at the site. I am not sure why, perhaps it is because I stopped having access to a laptop,… Continue reading

Reasons to Be Cheerful

Hmmm… Why am I cheerful this week? I could wax lyrical on why this week has not been a good week, lines and lines of complaints, though as the end of the week… Continue reading

National Poetry Day

The truly lovely Sara over at Nothing but Words with Wine, who I have not chatted to in ages, or read her words… go, do, I will be catching up this weekend as… Continue reading

Reasons to be Cheerful

When I look back  on this week, ignoring the negative and focusing on the positive, there is much to be cheerful about. Maxi went to the library to get a book, not for… Continue reading

Sexy Saturday

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder This is a saying I wholeheartedly believe. I don’t think beauty is in the object or person of desire, but of the observer. Thus the reason… Continue reading

Reasons to be cheerful

This week has had its ups and downs; I’ve started running using the C25K method – I hate running – I am not built for running – I scream at the perky woman… Continue reading

Sexy Saturday

Today has been a hard week, it’s gone very fast, and whilst I think I’ve been mildly productive, I still have a huge To Do list. To top it off, I have had a sore… Continue reading

Wow! An Award

Wow.. I’ve been given an award! The Silver Quill Award by the truly wonderful BlueBirdSunshine. I am always humbled when I get given these kind of things, for a start I am amazed… Continue reading

Reasons to be Cheerful

Wow, this week has flown past, it’s that time again, that time to join in with Mitch and highlight those things that have brought cheer. There is one big thing; I know I… Continue reading

I want…

Every day I deal with tantrums, I want this Mama, I don’t want that… Screwed up faces growling at me, feet stamping, raised voices, screaming. Today the lovely Adam has tasked me to have a… Continue reading