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Now those of you who know me, know that I try to run or jog or cycle, when my foot and ankle aren’t buggered. And when I do, I know to wear exceptional engineering… Continue reading


So last night was the day to use up all the bits and pieces in the house to start 40 days of fasting. That’s what pancake day is all about isn’t it? Well… Continue reading

Running in the Dark

Yesterday’s routine was all topsy-turvy, She demanded that I run, but with all the places I had to be, I didn’t know how I would fit it in? I decided 06:00 would be… Continue reading


o·be·di·ence/ōˈbēdēəns/  Noun: Compliance with someone’s wishes or orders or acknowledgment of their authority. Submission to a law or rule. If you asked my mother if I was an obedient child, she would probably… Continue reading


As I write this, team GB’s Olympian and Paralympian champions are getting ready for the final celebrations of the games, the winners parade. So much has changed for them, since the start of the opening… Continue reading


We are now half way through the great festival of sport, that is the Paralympics. I’ve watched blind football and wheelchair basketball, cycling from the velodrome and swimming… I could go on. I… Continue reading


As you know if you read some of my previous ramblings, I climb & I have just started to learn  how to lead climb. To do this you must have your own rope, it… Continue reading

Slow Coach

I’m just back from a bike ride, not a long one. Just about 20km, in a few minutes over an hour. I needed to get back as DH needed to go to work.… Continue reading


Tomorrow I am going to do an areal assault course at one of my favourite places, the Queen Elizabeth Forest; a place I have written of often. It is to celebrate both my climbing… Continue reading

Long and windy road

Today we cycled, and I’m tired.  This is the path we were taking along the banks of Loch Venachar.  It doesn’t look as steep as it was…