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Dear Ed Sherrin

Dear Ed Sherrin, This may seem exceedingly unreasonable, but please stop making music. Or rather, you can make as much music as you like, just please stop releasing it or encouraging radio stations… Continue reading

My children’s Top 5 Tunes

I wrote a post of my top five tunes (of that day, of that moment) the other day and I thought I’d just write down the top five songs my children sing to… Continue reading

Top 5 Tunes

The delectable @Melkshammum tagged me on instagram for my top five songs. The thing is, I made a decision that my instagram feed was only going to show pictures of food, so it was going… Continue reading

Back in time

I was listening to the radio this afternoon and Time, by Pink Floyd started to flood the airways.  As this happened my mind was transported back, to when I was at University, lying… Continue reading

Saved by Huey

Today has been a particularly good day; a delightful start; some bike riding teaching (oh I am so not good at that, but what fun!); getting most of the boring stuff round the… Continue reading

My First Album Cover…

I got a meme on my facebook page today, and it amused me, so I thought I would share.  This is what it told me to do…. 1 – Go to Wikipedia and… Continue reading