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I am not sure if I have mentioned this before, but one of my pet hates is the overuse of lol (laugh out loud). I often see these three letters litter my Twitter… Continue reading


So we’re driving back from the climbing wall; the rain is pelting down on the windscreen and I start to wonder if I should go out on the bike. Now just so you… Continue reading

Trusting Oneself

You know when you get that feeling that something is up, that someone is sad, or worried about something, or they’ve fallen in love, but they are not ready or don’t want to… Continue reading

Is honesty always the best policy?

Is honesty always the best policy or another way of putting it, is lying every acceptable? honesty is the best policy —used to say that telling the truth is better than lying even… Continue reading

Reminders of you

Today, wherever I turn, there have been reminders of you.  The songs you used to sing (even the most obscure ones); the food you liked me to cook; the books I borrowed from you… But… Continue reading

Bad Mood

I am in a horrid mood. A really bad one.  I want to fight everything.  Then can’t really be bothered.  I know this is a bad state of affairs, and know why it happened too. I… Continue reading

Near Misses

I’ve had two near misses in the last two days, and whilst everyone is fine, I just feel a little wobbly.  I keep playing the images through my head, inventing what could have… Continue reading