Slugs on the Refrigerator
Beautiful words, stunning photography from a truly awesome woman, Kat; whom I am lucky to to get to hang out with occasionally for real.

Notes from the Cookie Jar
More brutally honest words, and glorious foodie pictures from a woman, Karen; whom I’d love to have coffee with, just a pity she is so far away

Chasing Tomatoes
Foody offerings from Karen (author of Notes from the Cookie Jar).  I have tried lots of her recipes, and they always work.  This is my first point of call when I want to find a new recipe for something.

What can I say, this is my favourite Daddy Blog, Spencer is just the Don & makes me both cry and laugh with his witty, heartfelt writing.

Files and Records
Words from one of my tech gurus John, a Dad of five & based in beautiful Shetland

Chronicles of a Reluctant House Dad
Keith writes about yummy food, recipes that work & the life as a reluctant house Dad

Mutterings of a Fool
BIB best Dad Blogger 2012 Ben, true honest writing from a Dad, runner, dog-walker who rants most eloquently.

The Pickled Princess
The beautiful Nadine writes from the heart about being a Mum and the trials and tribulations that life brings.

The wonderful Blue and her take on family life, and lots of pictures too.

Stuff that Falls out of My Brain
Another of my tech gurus James who is also the Tech and Toys writer at UrbanVox.

What can I say, Fran makes me laugh, her writing is sharp witty and a must read.

It’s a Dads Life
A local blogger, David writes about parenting from a Scottish point of view. The Daddy of the gorgeous Olivia.

Lewis chronicles his life as the new Dad of Cam & his dislike of ironing

Mummy from the Heart
Home of Reasons to be Cheerful, Mitch writes about all aspects of being a Mum of three.

Nothing Funny Here
Random Flash Fiction from NFHere and the Cinema and TV writer for UrbanVox

Dad of the Monkeys
Dad of three Monkeys Yuri is Mr UrbanVox, both good reads

The PlumBum
‘s the story of his daughter C’s hip and his random musings about life

Ministry of Mum
Laugh out loud parenting advice from Claire, makes me feel less alone as a stay at  home parent.

Rambling thoughts of Moon
Titled Englishman’s travelling thoughts from England, California and now Medvecké, Slovakia… Ahoj ! but this is more the love affair Moon has with his family.

Sticky Fingers
Inspiring Mummy Blogger Tara, who amongst other things, hosts the The Gallery, the place to find some amazing photos ever Wednesday

Oh and you can find more of my food writing over at UrbanVox too