So who is the Kitchen Mechanic?

I am a Mama of two boys, know as Maxi and Mini, born 2007 & 2008 and wife to a very patient DH.  I live in Scotland though was born in the Philipines, have worked in catering and in  Avionic Engineering. I climb walls, walk hills and cycle paths.

Most of all I have a passion for food and all kinds of cooking.  So much so, that as a teenager, my mother said I thought of food like most people thought about sex. I’d be having breakfast and always be talking about what we’d be having for dinner.

If you talk to DH, that hasn’t really changed.  I often ask him what he fancies to eat of a morning for dinner, and he knows he will rarely arrive home to the dish that was discussed.

Now I have children, what I cook has changed; I have fish fingers and potato waffles in my freezer (cringe) but they are getting there. Whilst weaning Maxi used to love to eat asparagus dipped in hummus, curry and rice and a myriad of other delicious treats. At his nursery the girls often wanted to eat his food over theirs. Sadly those days are a distant memory, though the boys do eat sweet peppers as if they are apples and their weight in cucumber, apples and fennel; amongst other things every week.

I like to eat savoury things, food influenced from all around the world.  I will try anything, once at least, and do like chilli and garlic, in fact I grew up with a mother who would come home, chop onion and garlic and then decide what was for dinner.

However I like to bake,  I am hideously bad for not following recipes, but like the pretty cakes that often turn out. Most of all I like the noise that someone makes when they bite into my food. That noise of pleasure, the quiet sigh of contentment.  Usually followed by a hushed silence as a plate is consumed.  Well that’s what I endeavour to create, it doesn’t always happen, my father would often say my food was edible, he is incredibly polite and would never discourage someone who had tried to cook him a delicious plate of food.

If you want to see what I am cooking, you can find me on twitter @SunnivaAnne or on my instagram feed @thekitchenmechanic.  Oh yes, and my name is Sunniva Anne, please feel free to say hello and share your recipes.  I don’t bite… well unless it’s something ediable.