Reasons to be Cheerful

I have forgotten of late to focus on the positive.

Well perhaps that statement is slightly untrue, my babies are my positive, and they always keep me going.

This week, however, the reason I am cheerful is due to some wonderful women.

  • The one who is far to far away, is a beautiful inspiration and most wise.
  • The one who welcomed me and my boys into her home, her three amazing boys entertaining my two, while us girlies got to gossip.
  • The one who put up with three (very) tired people, one big, two little, who fed and baked with us.
  • The one who checked that I was OK, who read the signs and knew what she saw.
  • The one who is sick and was still there.
  • The one who listened and has been doing so for twenty odd years.
  • The one who was the reason and hasn’t walked away.
  • The one who has to put up with me, cos she is related to me.

Women, some who are new to my life, others who have always been there, who have made me feel accepted and loved for the bundle of errors and fistfuls of fabulousness that is me.

Thank you ladies, you have made this week one to smile about.