The Gallery – Relax

I haven’t joined in with The Gallery in ages. Lots of reasons, I’ve not been blogging much, but mainly because I have not been taking photographs. I know the purpose of The Gallery is not just to take pictures, but to find old ones that fit in with the theme, but I just like to have the prompt in the back of my mind when going out with my proper camera.

I have taken a few snaps of, mainly food, with my phone, but actually picking up my camera and spending time capturing my surroundings, nah, nada, not at all.

Things need to change, so here we go, today’s theme for The Gallery is RelaxYikes… one thing I am not known for is relaxing. Being hyper like Tigger; most definitely, Lazy like Garfield; often, but chilling out and relaxing, not so much.

I’m not good at sitting still, I am a fidget, constantly moving, trying to do two things at once. When the weather was recently deliciously hot, I tried to read my book lying in the sun, but I got bored, so it quickly turned into playing with the boys in the sprinkler.

Thinking about this I realised I do spend lots of time relaxing, my form of relaxation, however, involves action. I like to climb and cycle, even running chills me out. I like to bake or create other such yummy treats for others, which to me is pure relaxation therapy and an expression of love. Watching dough rise to create a crusty loaf or a batch of croissants, seeing ingredients develop into food desired to be scoffed, that is relaxing.

My favourite way to relax however is to hang with my team. Which usually works best if we are outside. Lots of giggles, running about and being in the beauty which is on my doorstep in Scotland (I am a very lucky girl) that is true relaxation.

Last week we got to do one of our favourite things; climb trees. Maxi would climb to the highest branches, always endeavouring to get that little bit higher. Mini, being of slightly shorter leg and arm, was more cautious as the distances between branches were a stretch for him, both used their experience from the climbing wall to nimbly negotiate the ascent of the trees.

I am far less graceful than the boys but I don’t let that stop me. I am also much (much) heavier than them, so get wary as the size of the branches diminishes as I climb up high. I really do not want to fall off a tree at fifteen plus foot.

Here are my feet up a tree, I tried to capture the hight, though I am not sure you can really see that too well. Whilst I was here, Maxi was at least six feet above me!

Climbing Trees

(photo taken with my HTC desire 5 MP camera)

So what do you do to relax? Why not click the link below and see what others do…