Being here, not there

I love how the internet and social media have had the ability to shrink the world, allow people of similar interests to interact and all of this for free. I have had the pleasure to have met many amazing people who are special beyond words. Even though I have to be honest, there have been a few that have let me down, but only a very few.

Some of the people I have gotten to know have been in my life for years, there are always going to be people who wander in and out of your life, but there are also the ones that stay, even if things go quiet from time to time.

There is one problem; I like to see people for real, share a coffee or a glass of wine, laugh and giggle together and be able to see their emotions in their face. With my special people living all over the globe this is far from practicable. It is hard enough with those that are a few hundred of miles away, and I endeavour to pop by when I am travelling up and down the country, but some of the ones I crave to share space and time with are thousands of miles away. I do occasionally check the prices of flights to a particular destination, though there is no way I can currently afford the pennies to drop everything, jump on a plane and visit. Not withstanding the fact that I am a Mama, my main responsibility is to the boys and anyway, who would look after them if I was gallivanting around the world?

Recently I found out that two of my most favourite special people I have met through the web, live walking distance from each other. I knew they were in the same state, I thought they were close when looking at the map, but walking distance!! Life is just not fair!! I want to be there, not here… Huruph!

So, what to do. When one shared that they were interested in climbing and knowing that the other is a climbing genius, I suggested independently that they meet. They both said why not and through the magic of messaging apps that allow for group conversations, they have arranged to go climbing, (from publishing) yesterday afternoon, their time. Yesterday evening my time.

As the time gets closer, I am writing this on my Sunday morning while they are both snoozing, I am becoming more envious of their planned afternoons activities.

*stomps feet on the floor having a tantrum*

I want to be there too.

So to you and you… please know that I want to be there too, though I like the fact you can meet. I am happy that you are getting to meet. I truly hope you have/had lots of fun and I can’t wait to hear all about it.

Do you want to be somewhere else than you are now? I hope you get your wish soon, until then, thank goodness for the internet.