Two Ears One Mouth

I have almost finished reading A Survival Guide for Life by Bear Grylls. It was given to my husband for Christmas and I’ve just gotten round to picking it up.

I didn’t know much about the author before I started reading it, though I have to admit he writes a lot of sense. To be honest, I hear my mother, grandmother and best friends advice being spoken through his words. It is rather spooky to hear what your best friend has been telling you for years in a book, yet he is most divine and wise.

There are lots of phrases through the book that have struck a chord, one of the most loud has been,

My Mum and Dad often told me that I had two ears and one mouth and that I should use them in that proportion.

Anyone who knows me, knows I can talk the hide legs off a donkey. This is exacerbated when I am hypomanic or overexcited, I find it hard to cease the words being expelled from my lips, luckily the times that this occurs are usually with people who love and accept me for who I am. My poor sister has the patience of Job. She lives almost five hundred miles away, and I miss her so much, that when we are together I get so excited that she can barely get a word in edgeways unless I make a concious mental decision to shut up!

The simple thought to listen twice as much as you speak is one many of us could do with heading. For me it is a simple analogy to remember, and even though I often find hard to embrace, I am endeavouring to do so. Those that know me will probably scoff at this, though those that love me will understand.