I am not sure if I have mentioned this before, but one of my pet hates is the overuse of lol (laugh out loud).

I often see these three letters litter my Twitter time line, not used by all, but there are some noticeable offenders.

Perhaps it has become a habit of certain people to complete a message or a tweet in this way. I have seen is used after a plethora of comments, most concerning topics far from amusing.

Worse still I have seen it used at the end of particularly catty comments, is this to dilute the intended meanness? I really do not see the value in its addition.

I have no issue with the use of TLAs (three-letter abbreviations), they are often used by the forces (well particularly by DH during and post his service) and are considered normal in text speak. It is just the concept that letters that suggest an audible joyous activity, is attached to a mundane sentence.

I have been known to use it occasionally, though it does grate my senses when I do. I am far more likely to use hehe or *giggles*, to indicate my glee. Perhaps this is irritating to others. What I do know is it totally my choice and I would not expect anyone else to change their word or letter usage. I am just saying it drives me up the wall, gets under my skin and honestly makes me wonder about the author.

Perhaps they are a person that chuckles audibly after every comment they utter. Perhaps they are an extremely jolly person, yes, that must be it.

I much prefer the old-fashioned meaning lol used to have, lots of love, which, to this day, my father still uses.

Don’t even get me started on totes and amazeballs, where did they come from?! (note to self look up their etymology)

What words and phrases irritate you, or is this something that only I have an issue with?