My memory has gone crazy of late, to be perfectly honest it has disappeared. Both my long-term and short-term memory have been bad, very bad.

Thank goodness most of my interactions are on-line and we now have Google (what did we do before Google… but that is a topic for another day).

My confidence in word choice has been considerably affected. I decide on a word and feel compelled to look up before typing or using it. This is even though, ninety-nine times out of a hundred, I have made the correct choice.

I am usually very good at remembering facts and details. I have even been refereed to as a geek when it comes to figures. A few interactions I have had of late have left me feeling stupid, very stupid.

I was having a conversation about cars recently and could not remember the engines that were in certain models and they were blatantly obvious. Yet again, I felt dense.

Don’t even get me started on my inability to spell the simplest of words; thank goodness for spell check.

I joke that my memory has diminished since giving birth to my boys and I am sure, to a lesser extent, this is true.

It has, however, been highlighted that a lack of information retention may be due to anxiety issues.

Wow, not only have I no memory, but I now have stress and anxiety issues… just shoot me now.

(Okay, this is not a new subject to me, but just one I am bored with and thought I had overcome)

Whatever the reason, when I was listening to the radio today and Chasing cars by Snow Patrol came on, I knew that I had an important memory associated with it, but I couldn’t pinpoint why. It was infuriating, I racked my brain, but nothing.

I decided to relax and just enjoy listening.

By the end of the song, there was a tear running down my cheek, my brain was flooded with memories and I was in no doubt as to why the song was so important.

I hope my memory comes back soon, it is driving me up the wall that it has gone away. I am fed up with feeling so dumb.