Fabric Conditioner

*This is not a sponsored post*

The brand of fabric softener I use is Lenor. This is due to DH, allegedly, not being able use any other softener brand.

I purchase my softener at Costco, it is a great shop with lots of bargains, and it keeps it’s costs down by not having a huge selection of each product, my old smell wasn’t being sold any more, thought there were two new smells for my purchasing pleasure, a blue one and a pink one, both in a commercial (huge) size of packaging that last me ages and ages and ages, even with two mini people that have increased my laundry exponentially since their arrival.

Lenor Struck By FuchiaThe pink one is called Struck by Fuchia and smells of pomegranate, I think I chose it because it was supposed to smell of a fruit, who knows, perhaps it was because it was pink (exceedingly unlikely), perhaps because it was because it wasn’t blue.

I do know that I did a smell test at the shop, and it won.

What can I say, I’ve used it for ages, and it smells like my washing. I’ve even been asked what it is that I use, as someone said they came across linen that smelt like my washing.

Unfortunately I have ran out and have not been to Costco in ages. I have failed, I do not have a spare in my garage, ready for such eventualities. It is an hour or so’s drive away and not going saves me pennies, it is one of those shops that you go in, sneeze, and spend over a hundred pounds, Eek!

I had to purchase a replacement at my local, trusty shop (Tesco).

However the aforementioned emporium, even though I am a loyal shopper at, and that it eats a weekly chunk of my bank balance, did not offer the product that I desired.

Lenor Summer BreezeThe available products were blue or yellow or a rainbow of alternative colours that I disregarded, I stopped however, at the yellow.

I remember a previous purchase of a yellow softener product, smelt this one and thought it didn’t smell too bad. Blue product just smells wrong to me.

I have heard that someone uses the full range, choosing softener on the separated colour of their washing, thank you Radio 2 for that gem.I, however, rarely, if ever, separate my clothes by colour, so one choice is sufficient for me. (This is because most of the things in my house fall into the colours wash program.

Where was I, yes, I had decided on the yellow one, which is called Summer Breeze, and it works perfectly adequately.

I have been using the yellow one for a couple of week, yet I was hanging out my washing the other day and I thought to myself that this does not smell like my washing. An odd thought, even for me.

It smells good, very good, but not like my washing. Over a week later, I am still thinking the same.

I partially blame this on the fact that I have been hanging my washing out on the line lately. I could say this is due to the exceedingly high weather temperatures of late, but it is honestly due to the fact that I am an extreme outdoor laundry dryer. As long as it isn’t raining, even better if the wind is blowing, I will hang my washing on the line. It dries and smells fresh, not of the dhobi dust (washing powder) or the conditioner used.

The weather, however, has taken a turn for the worse. The rain is hard, yet sporadic, putting laundry out is akin to subjecting it to an extra spin cycle.

I have had to go old school and use my indoor dryer, which has resulted in my being unable toavoid the new fragrance. A scent that permeates my house and as I have previously stated, is not disagreeable, it just doesn’t smell of my laundry.

What to do? Simple, the plan for tomorrow is to pop to Costco and purchase the correct smelling stuff.

So thank you Lenor for having such a wide range, but please, life would be easier if you just sold one product in every outlet that stocks your product.