Now those of you who know me, know that I try to run or jog or cycle, when my foot and ankle aren’t buggered. And when I do, I know to wear exceptional engineering to protect my breasts. They are quite big and, particularly since giving birth, most definitely in need of support. I wear a Panache sports bra which is simply amazing. It doesn’t squish them and they just don’t move, and being red, white and blue it is pretty too.

My plea, however, is to women out there… please, PLEASE invest in a good sports bra. Three times this morning alone, I saw women running, bouncing away. It can’t be comfortable and it really isn’t good for you.

This article states;

… when it comes to training, unless you’re doing yoga, or wearing a training top with hidden support, your normal bra just won’t cut it in the support stakes. They simply are not designed for women moving outside the realm of normal posture in the anatomical position. The moment the arms are lifted above the head, the shape of the bra changes and the support offered is compromised…

From a scientific perspective, it is the impact to the Cooper’s ligament that is the problem. This is the connective tissue that essentially keeps the breast from getting saggy. This naturally gets worse as you grow older, have given birth or have big boobs… eek that’s me… and, it seems, quite a few of the local runners too.

I was even at a boot camp and the percentage of women needing better management of their assets was frightening. If I wasn’t dying from over exertion, I would have had a word with the worst contenders, purely for supportive reasons of course.

If you need help, here are some tips to choose the right bra.

Go… please… it is time to shop to protect those very important treasures on your chest.