Dear Ed Sherrin

Dear Ed Sherrin,

This may seem exceedingly unreasonable, but please stop making music. Or rather, you can make as much music as you like, just please stop releasing it or encouraging radio stations to play it.

You see, one of your songs unleashes vivid memories within me. Forged tens of months ago, these thoughts and visions, whist quite delicious, tease and tantalise the senses, and not all in a good way. The other issue I have, is that all your tunes sound the same, thus anything you sing creates a similar result.

I’m not saying your music or singing is bad, in fact the opposite. If you hadn’t been good, it would never have been highlighted on my radar and become so important to me. Your words and melody burnt into my psyche.

But please, enough is enough. My sanity is dangling on a thread as it is, if you have any doubt, just read some of my words, I am completely loopy. Please, just stop.

Recently I was at a friend’s house, and their daughter had the unmentionable tune on repeat. I was almost ready to slit my wrists by the end of the delicious cup of coffee I was lucky enough to imbibe. Mini was most upset when we had to leave early, it was like Chinese water torture having to listen to that song, over and over and over again.

I will conclude with the thought that you have made a small fortune creating all the music that you have done thus far, so I am assuming you will have a more than enough to retire. You are only 22, you could plan to conquer a new industry, or just sail into the sunset and live on your current and future royalties.

But I plead of you, please, do not release any more music. However internationally popular it is.

Kind regards

Sunniva Anne