Happy 50th

Today is a my friend’s 50th birthday.

A dear friend, who is an amazing orator, wall painter, inspirer, husband, listener and has a grade 4 brain tumour, called glioblastoma multiforme, will be turning 50 today.

I have to be honest, I wasn’t sure he would make his 49th Birthday. He was diagnosed in February 2012, and not long after his first operation he had to say goodbye to his adopted home in Scotland to go for treatment in America.

I remember saying goodbye, knowing it would be the last goodbye.

But today is a day for celebration. He and his wife haven’t been in my life too long, but in the short time they have, they have both changed me. They have opened my head and heart to new ideas, shared a new perspective and have always been patient with me.

My children adore them both, and often ask after them. The boys have insisted there will be a cake to celebrate the special event. It is something we often do, make a cake for the special people in our lives that are not close to share a slice with us. We have even been known to post cake. Only problem this time is that I am not sure customs will let a cake into the US.

I could listen to his stories for hours. The ones that made me laugh and the ones that made me think in equal measure. I miss my daily emails to inspire and focus my thoughts.

So on this special day, even though you are thousands of miles away, know you are being thought of, being loved and being missed.

Have a very happy 50th Birthday surrounded by those that love you the most xxx