Competitive… Moi?

The question of whether I am competitive has a simple answer. Yes, always, without doubt.


I endeavour not to be too competitive when playing games with my children, they are competitive enough without watching their mother trying to win. Maxi is hugely competitive, after his sports day he told me “I thought about winning Mama and I made it happen“.

Recently Mini has been given a four in one playset. An inspired birthday present with the weather being as nice as has been.

One of the games is Swingball. A pole with a ball suspended from a string on a helicalscrew. A plastic racquet is used to hit the ball round and the aim of the game to get the ball to the top or bottom of the screw. (just explaining as one friend hadn’t heard of the game)

After dinner, Maxi wanted to play with Mama, so we hit it round the pole. I lost the first game as I kept hitting it in the direction Maxi was supposed to. Though once I understood which way I was supposed to hit, the next game was mine.

Maxi needed a rest, so I challenged DH. Now DH is almost a foot taller than me and much stronger than me, but I was not perturbed.

We started playing and we both hit hard, often almost knocking the pole over. Getting hit in the hand and face by the ball didn’t stop me either.

Mini was cheering only for Mama, loudly and with great squeals of glee. I am truly sorry neighbours, for the amount of noise that was made. But a challenge had been made, and I had to win.

By the end of it we were probably even with wins, but in fits of giggles. All four of us, laughing loudly at the effort being invested in a childish game.

A perfect way to tire the boys before bed.