Twenty Four Hours

I have recently spent twenty-fours hours in bliss. The best twenty-four hours I have experienced in a very long time, definitely of this year.

Perhaps it was the vintage champagne or the divine, decadent surroundings or delicious food, though it was the company, I know it was the company.

Rarely, these days, do I get to spend time with my oldest and dearest friends. Those that make me feel complete and at peace, those that make me feel like Sunniva Anne, rather than “just” a mother or housewife.

This one knows they are special. A true gentleman. One that acknowledges that it is rude not to switch off, or at least disregard their phone in company (don’t get me started on the over use of smart phones when with “real people”). Dishy, dashing and truly delicious in every way; a man who I have known since they were an awkward and gawky boy (it is true and you know it).

Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for listening to me. Thank you for putting up with my crazy, over analysing, self-indulgent ramblings. Thank you for sharing your opinion, but not shoving it down my throat. Thank you for being critical, yet not making me feel inadequate. Thank you for being you.

Dinner was chosen with nostalgia in mind. I know I should have taken photographs of the food, but; other than being beautiful, it was fragrant and comfortable, known and expected, exciting and tantalising. A true assault to the senses.

A long walk; conversing all night; discussions of constellations, first observed a lifetime ago; sun-uppers of “liquid gold”. Yup, I was spoilt rotten. Made to feel alive, special and valued.

So thank you, I just wanted to write a few words so I would not forget. You made me smile, inside and out. You brought my heart peace.

But please, can we not leave it so long next time please!