So I’ve not written here in ages and I’ve been wondering why.

Part of it is because I am starting a new wee project which has been taking up my time. Most of it is due to the fact I believe that everything I think of writing is self-indulgent.

Thus I’ve been thinking; why not?

This is my space, I can write what I like, I don’t really care whether anyone reads it, I’ve always posted things to remind me where I am with my life, favourite recipes so I know where to find them, it has always already been self-indulgent, so I plan to carry on.

If you don’t want to waste time with my words, I really do not mind. I just want to use this more as a diary of where my head is at. My crazy, kooky, obstinate, bossy head, and I just don’t want to forget the details.

Thank you for your patience xxx