So last night was the day to use up all the bits and pieces in the house to start 40 days of fasting. That’s what pancake day is all about isn’t it?

Well not for me; I like to take up a trial for Lent that will be a mental challenge. Picking up a skill or doing something rather than just giving things up.

Last year I debated amending my social media usage, perhaps I should do that for this year, though Twitter is a facilitation for delicious distraction, and I like it lots, even if it sucks the hours away from productivity and can confuse the hell out of me

So what to do this year…

A dear friend has just completed a January Challenge when he ran 5km ever day during the month, and to top it off he lives on the west coast of Scotland and works long hours, so some of those runs were in the wee hours of the morning, or way after the sun had gone to bed. Through sleet and rain and snow and all the other weather that was chucked at him. Serious respect to him for that… and this, and the fact that I have decided to complete a triathlon in June, has inspired me…

So for lent I will be doing a parcel of exercise each day. Minimum requirements are;

  • 30 length swim (I usually swim longer but that must be the minimum)
  • 30 min run (not distance as I am hoping to do interval training which is not always as long)
  • 30 min on the bike (currently in the garage on the resistance rollers… I know über dull)


  • climbing doesn’t count. (well not at the moment, though a two-hour climbing session is HARD work)

So there you go, rather than giving up chocolate, or caffeine, or bread, or sugar that is what I will be picking up instead.

I know I am loopy, but after the last few days I need a short-term challenge to keep me motivated, there are a couple of exciting things coming up in the next few weeks, but I will focus on my challenge and just enjoy everything else if or when they come.

(Perhaps I will get over my current writing dry spell, and pester you more on here too, but I’m not promising anything)

What are you picking up/giving up for lent?