New years challenges

I wrote this a while ago, but forgot to post it, I know it is almost February, but better late than never.

Last year I set myself the following challenges;

  1. Tweet less & blog more… I love tweeting but it could quite easily take over my life & I have to actually work this year, so I endeavour to posts as many times as last year. That was 212… eek!
  2. Ride a motorbike…. I did want that to happen last year, but it’s on the list for this year.
  3. Make bagels & oatcakes… I know, not as exciting as the croissants of 2011, but I can’t think of what to top that, though I’ve been meaning to make bagels for years
  4. Meet some of my twitter chums for real… I was lucky to meet one last year, when I was visiting Shetland, so this year I want to meet at least one more… & one friend in particular…
  5. Get a tattoo… I have a design, I know where I want it, just need to get a finger out & do it & then decide to whether to tell my Mother, cos I think she’d just laugh at me!

And how did I do?

  1. Hmmm… hard to quantify, I seem to have taken a wee sabbatical from social media of all kinds towards the end of the year, this has probably been due to Christmas preparations, but also as I have been hiding, I’ve not had much to say, or perhaps that should be little of consequence or words I wanted to keep to myself. Shouldn’t there be a time to tear and a time to mend, a time to be silent and a time to speak, yes I have just quoted from the Bible, Ecclesiastes 3:7 to be exact, but I think it is apt here. So, did I succeed, not really, I posted here 145 times last year, which isn’t too bad I suppose. I think this challenge is a C+, could have done better
  2. I didn’t ride a motorbike, but I rode pillion, I have lost the photographs  or I would have shared it here, though I may have found a few again…. Thank you to my dear friend for taking me, his wife for the sound advice she gave me before I climbed on the back, and my husband for entertaining the children. Grade; A (I don’t think the challenge I set myself was ever meant to be to manipulate the vehicle  but to sit on the back and hold on, thus the high-grade)
  3. I made (very bad) bagels on the last day of the year to complete this task, but forgot about the oatcakes.
    BaglesI made this recipe, but think I will amend and tinker with it, if I make them again. They were hard, and weird, and not great, so most got fed to the ducks and swans, which was amusing as I don’t think they were impressed with them either. Grade; C
  4. Last year I met twelve twitter chums for real, a couple by chance (and that count does not include the ones I knew already, though one friend I hadn’t seen for years, so perhaps I should add her too). Some for a long time, others for a short time. Some on many occasions, others only once or twice. Some I expect to see on other occasions, others I would be surprised if our geographical locations will merge again, but that, in no means I don’t want to hang out again.
    One handed me her baby to play with, then left to deal with a plumber for half an hour within moments of walking through the door (that sounds like she abandoned her daughter, she didn’t, she was only in the other room.) This has been an important challenge for me to succeed. I have made some really dear friends on-line, I know this is something most of my real life friends don’t get and to be honest my sister was shocked I was going to meet someone from the internet as apparently everyone lies on the internet. Well I don’t and most of the people I talk to don’t seem to, to me anyway. I do still have a few more on my list, and the list grows all the time. Grade; A+
  5. Still no ink, so this one is an F, not sure if it will happen, but I never say never.

I learnt a lot about myself last year. I didn’t lose any weight but I consolidated the four stone I had lost the previous year and that is what I was working to. I almost ran 5km, but then tore a ligament in my ankle so had to take a couple of months off.

Lots of people have changed me, opened my eyes to opportunities, allowed me to take risks, to each and every one of them, I want to say thank you.

So… on to 2013, what challenges am I setting myself this year.

  1. I want to complete a sprint triathlon, there is this one, it is the day before my birthday, so am trying to recruit a few local people to join me (even if I will be REALLY slow). I’ve also just been told about Tough Mudder in August, but need to do some research that as the person who told me runs marathons (I’m not up to that yet, far from it)
  2. It has been suggested that I learn to make crumpets this year, which is an inspired idea, as they are a firm favourite in this house.
  3. I would like to climb outside, at least once and work on my lead climbing skills, but the second is not really quantifiable, so climbing outside it is. Let’s hope for a dry summer.
  4. I have a few stories going around my head, I want to put at least one of them onto paper (or on the PC). This is a hard one, I was USELESS at writing stories at school, I tend to ramble which is fine here; but I need to write something tighter when it’s fiction I think. This perhaps is the biggest challenge and I will definitely need help to edit it, though I have a couple of people in mind to assist with this.
  5. I want to lose more weight, I am down to the weight I was at my lowest and have kept it off for this past year, but I want to go down more. How much, well I have an idea, but I’m not ready to share. More than weight I want to make sure I look good, I am a curvy person and want to stay that way, but there are a few lumps and bumps that I want to sort out. I am hoping training for challenge one will help that. And I know this one is on many people’s list, but I don’t care, it’s my long-term project, this is the third year of a long-term plan.

Well that will be more than enough this year. I have to do some job hunting as I NEED a paying job. Anyone wanting a Project/Bid Manager/Controller (particularly in the Engineering sector) please get in touch.  I will work anywhere and travel as much globally as required. To be honest I will turn my hand to anything… though I should probably be more selective. OK enough of pimping me out.

So I sign off saying; this year I endeavour to risk more, try more, love more and smile more. What are your challenges for 2013?