He knows I love Mr Fox…

Today has been hard, the last few days have been hard… who am I kidding, the last few weeks have been hard.  No single reason, perhaps it is just my brain, or the come down from Christmas, who knows. Now don’t get me wrong, there have been some immense, often surprising highs as well as some deep lows, some very close together as if I am on a roller coaster.

I haven’t even switched my lap top on for weeks, I just haven’t been able to make myself do it.

Sundays are always difficult. (Not the hardest day of the week, that is Tuesday as it is manic, but that is another story.) Why is this so? because DH has to work, it’s just me and the boys, which is great, but there is no Sunday Lunch, no afternoon walk, no family time which is what Sunday’s should be about, shouldn’t it? I can’t just take Maxi to rugby practice, I have to bring Mini as well  who is too wee to play this year and he wants to join in, then gets bored. (Thank goodness for the delightful Aunty Emma, who Mini adores and cuddles up to, and she’s great for a wee bleather too)

I know, these are first world problems, but they are my challenges.

Today I am tired, I have been a little distracted, perhaps I trained too hard yesterday, I think it is because I just want to retreat into my own world. The boys have been uber excited, we have a dusting of snow; they are tired; they just don’t want to listen; they want to dance to the beat of their own drum, without the understanding that the boss AKA the princess AKA Mama (their names for me) must be listened to.

As the clock ticked to bed time, I felt relieved, though the battle into pyjamas was just that little bit harder (I have used that word often through these words, I suppose I should look for alternatives, but it just has been tough). Maxi did something, I can’t even remember what it was, so I said That’s it, one story (they often get three) and then bed!

Fox in Socks CoverI was going to choose Horton Hears a Who which is a long book and one of their current favourite books, but Maxi blurted out Are you going to read Fox in Socks Mama, now for those that don’t know; I just adore this book, I read it out here (there is something about audio, hearing the words allowing the imagination to fill in the images) and I read it to them as many times that they can bare. 

A tantalising tongue twister, from the phenomenal Dr Seuss, it is simple I love it, I love Mr Fox. But my children don’t. The cry of not again Mama, is heard often and nowadays inevitable.

So for Maxi to choose it means a lot to me. He said that he knew it was my favourite, that it wasn’t his, but it was mine and he wanted me to smile. How can a heart not melt when you hear that after being such hard work all day; that he can put my pleasure above his, without a prompt from me.

So darling Maxi thank you. Thank you both my babies for all your Bau Baus and cwtchs and krams (or hugs in English) (apologies if spellig is not perfect). And thank you for you too, for making me smile, for being delicious distractions, for being kind.