Lost and Found

Number of pairs of spectacles not on the bed side table = 1

Number of children up showered, dressed and fed in time to scoot down the hill to school and nursery on time = 2

Number of minutes spent looking for spectacles, without spectacles so vision was blurry = 15

Number of minutes spent in the shower = 4.5 (spectacle searching meant I was now running late)

Number of sports bras unable to be located = 1

Number of bras put on to compensate = 2 (not the best solution, but I needed to think fast, and to be honest wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be)

Number of pink jumpers “in a safe place” = 1 (pink is not normally my colour but it is all about being seen)

Number of extra minutes spent looking for spectacles = 5

Number of mobile phones set down, on silent so I couldn’t find, that I had wanted to map my run on = 1

Number of socks forgotten to be picked up so I had to walk up the stairs to get = 2

Number of chest straps forgotten to be picked up so I had to walk up the stairs to get = 1

Number of iPods forgotten to be picked up so I had to walk up the stairs to get = 1

Thus; Number of extra trips up the stairs to locate objects I could have done without if I had been less scatty = 3 (I blame the lack of spectacles)

Number of spare spectacles located, put on and was considering whether they were good enough to drive with = 1

Number of spectacles found, on the black granite worktop, thus hard to see without any aid to vision = 1

Number of minutes late to pick up husband and two scooters = 0 (miracle)

Number of kilometres run = approximately 3.5 (as the device that calculates it was still unaccounted for)

Number of tracks listened to whilst running = 7 (running music being the Flobots Fight with Tools album, always listened to in order as I am a creature of habit)

Heart rate as calculated by Polar watch at the end of run = 178 (think that might be wrong)

Maximum heart rate as calculated by Polar watch = 228 (definitely something dodgy there)

Number of Polar watches handed to husband with pleading eyes to see if it is in fact calculating funny things = 1 (or perhaps I really am an alien and my heart works a lot higher than it should)

Number of phones found next to the iron = 1

Number of marbles lost = unknown…. I am not sure how or if I had any in the first place!