The past few days and next few to come are full of special anniversaries.

January the first was my blogs second birthday AND my parents fortieth wedding anniversary. Today is the second anniversary of the day that my life collided with an entity so special, they are hard to describe in words (And I will now get grief for being soppy!) And next week is my fifteenth wedding anniversary, yes my darling husband has put up with me for getting close to half my life (OK in four years, but fifteen years is ages, isn’t it?!)

When I look back two years I see a very different person to the one I am now, yet when I look back fifteen years, I see someone more like the one I currently see in the mirror. Yes, she was a basket case, (nothing has changed there), she needed a rock (DH is definitely that), but she was hopeful, and I am hopeful now… As I have learnt that hopeful is essential for survival.

I’ve not shared words in ages, that is due to technology issues, but I am hopeful those issues will be resolved soon. Thank you for your patience. (Apps are great, but there is something about seeing your words on a computer screen)