Merry Christmas

I am sitting in my kitchen, it is 00:47 and I am waiting for the last “roll out” of the croissants I am making.  I have just made a divine apple sauce to go with the roast goose I will be cooking tomorrow, and a roasted red onion relish is festering in the background.

This is Christmas; I have spent the last few weeks wrapping a multitude of presents, including some for me (long story). For once parcels have been posted prior devoured in mere seconds date, I know all family members and special friends have had something delivered to their door, interspersed with meeting up with most of the special people in my life

Today, however my eldest son, who is five and three-quarters, said something that melted my heart, he said that “Christmas is not about presents Mama, it is about being kind, and kissing and cuddling the people you love”. OK, I am a proud Mama, and my husband did say that Maxi knows that there are presents under the tree addressed to him, so he knows there will be gaily wrapped parcels waiting for him to rip open after the queen has spoken tomorrow, but I love what he said.

He is of course right. I may have been stressed about the whole present thing, are they “enough”. Do people mind that I have made their presents, when I know some people just “don’t get it”. Though at the end of the day, it really isn’t about what is under the tree. Christmas is about being with those that you love, being able to hug the family and friends you hold dear and endeavouring to make their wishes come true.

Of course I have planned to cook far too much, there will be home-made croissants, Shetland smoked salmon, roast goose and Christmas pudding. Though what I am most excited about is the left overs.

Left over goose crisped up in the oven and served with Chinese pancakes, spring onion, cucumber and hoisin sauce.  A nod to Peking duck, but just the best way to make Christmas dinner divine after the date.

Though not just the goose, I love having cold cuts with the chilli jam I have made, with an earthy hot salad, with asparagus, broccoli and bacon, a hint of avocado and a smidge of roasted red onion relish.

And of course the soup, made from the carcass of the goose, with all the leftover veg, whizzed to make it smooth and served with a rustic loaf.

Not forgetting the fried rice with goose and leftovers, a hint of garlic, ginger and chilli, making it truly simple, a throw in the pan and enjoy kind of comfort dish,

So I know Christmas will start soon, I know producing the perfect Christmas lunch will be the forefront of my mind, but really it is the leftovers I am excited about, and to be honest, it’s just the four of us, so producing a roast dinner for four, really isn’t too taxing.

The hallelujah chorus, a walk in the hills, a side of smoked salmon, a roast goose, the queen speech, skyping my parents and wee sis as we open the presents under the tree, serving the boys tinned pasta shapes, letters and numbers this year; these things are all our traditions.

So Merry Christmas to you, may your day be filled with divine decadence. May you be with the people you love, and may you know that this is but one day in the year, and that we must spoil those that we love ever day, and know that presents aren’t what it’s all about.

Love to you xxx