A Kind Word

It was 02:30 when I read a message from a dear twitter friend saying they had, had a tough day and wanted to get it out of their system, but had no way of sharing it, and asked if I would post it here. I said of course without a second thought, here are their words;

Within my chosen sphere of work, I take a fair amount of discontent. This is due to a dissatisfaction caused by a number of things.

I am often the last person in a long line of things that may have gone wrong and I get to experience their frustration. It’s not pleasant but hey this is life. If you can’t take it, change your job. Change your life. Do something, just don’t allow it to slowly kill you inside. For once they have taken everything – you are nothing. You are empty.

People nowadays are often in a mind-set where they feel they have to complain, apparently it is my fault that things go wrong with them. Essentially, I am to blame for everything. I believe that people demand too much – they expect too much. Don’t get me wrong, if there is something worth complaining about, then do so. I just wish you wouldn’t complain just for the sake of it. If you do, you take advantage of who I am and insult me with your demeaning comments. You should be ashamed of how you behave; you bleat on about manners and how you were taught both manners and respect. Yet you demand everything and give nothing. You wonder why I may not be the same person I was in the past… My mind is closed to you. I will do the bare minimum for you. You do not deserve my help, and believe me I CAN help you. Now I will pay lip service. I will do my job properly and professionally, but I will not be going that extra mile again for you. For you I work to rule.

However, not everyone is like this. After a day of grind, someone said something that genuinely made me smile and their words made me happy. For once I felt genuine words from someone who weren’t just a line of typed words on a computer screen. The human being who typed those words was being genuine and they refueled the positive and booted away the demons who seem to strive to kill off the person I am.

So I say thank you. Your friendship means a lot. Our paths in real life may never meet, but that’s ok…our paths have crossed. And that’s enough for me.

These are the kind of people you must surround yourself with, for they show true friendship that is given freely, without clause or judgement.