Wober Red

For those of you who are not able to speak Mini-ease,Wober Red is what Mini calls Robert Webb, who is the focus of my children’s current obsession.

Why are my sons engrossed with Robert Webb? Is it due to his Peep Show pairing with David Mitchell? No it is due to his narration of Winnie the Pooh stories for Disney.

The stories are shown Monday to Thursday at 18:40 on Disney Junior, are about five minutes long and are packaged as Tales of Friendship with Winnie the Pooh. A mix of Mr Webb animatedly reading the day’s story, referring to the story book and sitting on a log and animations of the book, with pictures of Pooh and all of his friends.

The tone is quiet and calms my children down, always a plus. Though perhaps the best bit is that his voice is BRITISH.

You see in 1961 the rites of the red shirted stuffed bear were sold to the most American of companies; Disney, who have been producing animated series and features ever since.

The most recent have just been wrong in my opinion. For a start Eeyore is the wrong colour, having been made a brighter blue rather than his original grey and the voices have become most american, and don’t get me started on My Friends Tigger and Pooh where Christopher Robin has been replaced with a little girl Darby as the main human interaction (though I have just learnt he does return sporadically).

Maxi is six soon, and I aim to share Now We Are Six with him. Sharing the original words by A. A. Milne. Pages littered with the iconic illustrations of E. H. Shepard are going to go down much better since the infamous Robert Webb reads them.

I tweeted about the boys excitement yesterday and the lovely man himself replied.

Which was most unexpected. The only thing is that Maxi now thinks he can talk to his idol directly, he wanted to know whether he wanted some of his chocolate brownie and ice-cream last night! He now keeps asking me who else can he talk to, heaven save us if he realises Nina is on twitter….

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