Sick Mama

Mama’s can’t get sick…It’s a universal truth…

Once you become a parent your job does not allow for holidays or sick days, so on Friday, when I found myself lying down on my bed after my morning run, exhausted, not from the run, but because I needed to recuperate, I panicked.

I was lucky, it was DH’s day off, so I knew that he could do the school run and play with the boys. Normally I would have just had dragged my sorry arse out of bed and picked the boys up, and just snuggled in with their favourite tv programs.

It was interesting as earlier in the week I was talking to a friend, whose wife had asked him to take a day off work, when she was sick. I was appalled, first that she would ask him to, and secondly that she thought he would. Perhaps it’s me, I have been very ill and still been able to muddle through. I have great Mummy friends who all help each other out when times are tough, perhaps she doesn’t have that. Even so, I have done the school run with a fever, without even thinking about it. Isn’t that what I am supposed to do?

On Saturday I woke with a huge lump on my throat, don’t worry, it was just a swollen gland, but my boys all though I looked funny, all I wanted to do was sleep. So after a lie in (thank you DH) I made brunch and wandered back to bed with Maxi and Mini. We started to watch StarWars 2 The Attack of the Clones, which amused Mini for about ten minutes, so I sent him on a Daddy hunt.

Maxi and I settled to watch the film, well him to watch and every so often scream questions loudly in my ear as I tried to sleep. You see when I am properly sick all I want to do is sleep it off. So a film and a snuggle just about worked to keep my eldest amused. Around lunchtime I texted to see if anyone was hungry (I know I am a lazy sod) and I was told that Mini and DH were fine. Unfortunately Maxi seemed to have missed the lunch call and started to get hungry.

As the film drew to an end Maxi decided he wanted to go climbing and wanted his lunch at the wall. So Mama got up, made a packed lunch for him, packed cookies for him and Daddy and sent them off. Made a snack for Mini, cleaned up the breakfast dishes, the lunch dishes, put a load of washing on, planned and cooked dinner for the three boys and played games with Mini until the climbers returned, most excited as Maxi got to the top of the wall for the first time.

I was lucky I had someone to help me whilst I was sick, I got to have a day off.