Reasons to Be Cheerful

Hmmm… Why am I cheerful this week? I could wax lyrical on why this week has not been a good week, lines and lines of complaints, though as the end of the week is upon us, I feel far more cheerful.

  • I am cheerful for all the sunshine we have had this week. It may have been icy and cold but it’s been bright and blue.
  • I am happy I have achieved this weeks runs, I am feeling stronger and more able to run for longer and further & have even been able to sneak in a wee cycle too… oh bike I miss you, forgive me for abandoning you.
  • I am looking forward to next week as all three of my boys are on holiday, I am hoping for lots of time spent together; climbing, swimming and Spanish lessons have been requested.
  • I am thankful for the wonderful friends that have been there for me this week. They have listened, kicked me into action and checked in often to see that I am OK. It never ceases to amaze me how kind some of the people I know are. I am aware things change, but some of you have shown me that you will always be there.
  • Most of all I am blessed to have the two best sons in the whole wide world (sorry everyone, I know your children are the apple  of your eyes, but mine are the first in my heart). My children have given me kisses, cuddles and hugs all week. They have wiped away tears of sadness and replaced them with tears of laughter and joy. They have given me the reason not to cease the fight, however hard it has been. They indulged my mad idea of trying to get pictures of Maxi’s Uniform Polo Shirt for this week’s Gallery prompt of yellow, and ran around in the cold after school one day.

Maxi and Mini thank you, for keeping me going this week, you are and will always be my reasons to be cheerful. xxx

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