Running in the Dark

Yesterday’s routine was all topsy-turvy, She demanded that I run, but with all the places I had to be, I didn’t know how I would fit it in?

I decided 06:00 would be a good time, the boys wouldn’t be up, and it would mean that DH could go for a run after if he woke up (he didn’t, he was very tired)

The alarm went off at 05:45 and DH kicked me out of bed (thank you) and I picked up my running kit and looked out of the window. It was dark… dark?! What is that all about? I hadn’t thought this through. Where I normally run is in the middle of farmers fields, there would be no lights and cows and sheep and who knows lurking behind a corner. Yes, I was tired and my mind was running wild.

So I talked to you, you suggested to run with a head lamp, something we have, somewhere. You reminded me that there is much less crime in the mornings, and just put my fears to one side so I had space to see what solution would work.

I decided I would just run from home, the roads are lit and whilst it is hilly, having cycled the roads I could pick a pretty flat route. So I started, it wasn’t too bad, I am not fast but I got through.

As I started running I was aware of the moon shining, the sky punctuated with bright stars. I kept wanting to look up, bathe in the glory of what was all around.

I had run just over half the route, came round a corner and the sky suddenly looked like a curtain had been opened leaving a beautiful window of the dawn.

The sky was so clear, the air, cold yet crisp, any fear I may have had before I started had withered.

There were a few things I learnt that morning;

  • I like being outside in the dark
  • You are always in my head, keeping me safe
  • I prefer running on my own
  • Living where there is limited light pollution is a joy.
  • Watching the sun rise makes me feel alive.

Oh and what did I do when I got home? Put the coffee machine on? Not until I picked up my camera and took some shots. Just a shame that the mist had started to come in so the pictures aren’t as sharp as I’d like them.