The Gallery – Yellow

When I saw this weeks Gallery Prompt I screwed up my face. What on earth am I going to photograph for that? Dear Tara, how on earth is that simple?

I really was at a loss, Yellow is Mini’s favourite colour, was I inspired by anything that he uses, his cup or plate that are yellow, not so much.

So I was thinking about this whilst putting the washing out, yes it is September and at last we are getting sunny days up here in Scotland, it would be nicer if they were less cold. It’s been freezing each morning, but I shouldn’t complain.

I was thinking, the sun is yellow, take shots of the sun… silly idea.. nuf said. So I just wandered around my house photographing yellow things.

This is the first thing I saw. A glass and some toys on the window sill. I kid you not I didn’t put them there.

Maxi’s trainers by the front door.

A scooter wheel on its side.

Maxi’s bike, hiding behind the blueberry.

The boys playhouse and wee chair.

The boys old tricycle.

And just to prove that we had sunshine, here is my yellow washing line, the inspiration of it all.

So there we go, see what everyone else has come up with… I can’t wait!