School Dinners

Maxi has just started P1, remember his first day, the deluge that met us at going home time? Well it’s not all getting caught in the rain and hail at going home time, yes last week I was caught in a hail storm, sunny when I left the house, two minutes later the rain and hail started… I digress.

On his first day which finished at lunch time, he came home telling me all the things he had gotten up to and what was the plan for the following day. I asked him what kind of sandwiches he would like for his packed lunch, No Mama, I’d like school dinners please. My fussy little boy wanted school dinners, who was I to argue.

I always had school dinners. It was an education. I learned how to eat liver, by cutting it into small pieces and swallowing whole and ascertained that tinned tomatoes are really not my favourite. Though semolina with brown sugar is rather yummy. Maxi doesn’t seem to get the choice of these delightful lunches, his always sound quite yummy.

Currently at week eight of school, he has had a packed lunch once. That day’s choice was roast chicken or tuna sandwich and it was week two, neither being his favourite I thought I’d make him a packed lunch that day. He didn’t eat much of it and said the big children were a little intimidating. I think there were just more of them, and he missed the P7 buddies he normally had lunch with. Oh and now he says that the roast chicken is quite scrumptious.

He has tried food that he would not normally choose to eat, and likes it. I think this has a lot to do with the teachers saying that it is food that they like too. Maxi likes to emulate grown ups. If not always Mama.

Today we (Mini, DH & I) were invited to join him for lunch.  What a great idea, an opportunity for the parents to see what kind of food is available and see what happens at lunchtime. I particularly liked to see that grown-ups encourage the consumption of all  of lunch (especially the veg).

Maxi is not a great fan of potatoes but has found that he can substitute his potato for bread, this means he doesn’t go hungry. There was one day he didn’t eat much for lunch and he came out of school and promptly burst into tears. He knows now that he MUST eat lunch or he gets cranky.

Inspired by the blog NeverSeconds, and with the head teachers consent, I took some pictures of what we ate.

The county council has a four-week rolling menu, it’s good as I can choose what he will have for lunch, and make him feel comfortable that it is something he would like. Today’s choice was Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding with roast potatoes and garden peas OR Margherita or Pepperoni Pizza with Roast Potato and Baked Beans. With that you can either have soup, today’s was Chicken Noodle or a desert, a choice of custard and fruit or fresh fruit.

DH & I chose the Roast Beef and the boys chose their favourite, pizza.

Everyone gets one protein one carbohydrate and one veg. You can’t go without. Now I understand why there is Pizza, pasta twirls and salad one day for one course, or Macaroni Cheese with roast potatoes and garden peas.

The Pizza seemed to have been made with a wholemeal base, which I liked. You can also have extra bread, which Maxi decided to have for pudding, oh and half of Mama’s apple! I wish there was salad available ever day, because he loves salad, he’s not as at all fond of cooked veg.

There is a choice of beverage, milk, orange juice or water.

And here is the custard and fruit, which Mini decided he didn’t want to eat, so DH got two servings! He was most pleased. Mini of course wanted the other half of my apple!

Food-o-meter: 9/10
Health rating: 7/10
Mouth full: eek, I forgot to count!
Courses: Main and desert
Hair: 0

Thank you to the school for inviting us to have lunch with them, and thank you too for letting me take pictures, which are just from DH’s phone.

What do your children have for lunch?