Reasons to be Cheerful

When I look back  on this week, ignoring the negative and focusing on the positive, there is much to be cheerful about.

  • Maxi went to the library to get a book, not for me to read him, but for him to read me. He has almost completed it, wanting to devour each page, creating a Mama who is fit to burst with pride.
  • Mini has completed his nursery sponsored walk; the pride he showed and the excitement whilst telling me all about it, particularly the bus that they had to travel on, was pure delight from my quiet son.
  • The delightful afternoon spent with a dear friend. Having my toe nails painted and going for post school cakes, all the time catching up and putting the world to rights.
  • Getting caught in hail storms – I know I am odd – but I have been caught in two this week; the first time while running, when it was getting a bit tough; and the other at school pick up, when I got soaked to the skin, in a rather pretty dress.
  • Going climbing with my camera to take pictures for the gallery made me smile, as did going, later on in the week, with our new rope so I could practice lead climbing.
  • Thai Green Curry, OK this is an odd one, but I have eaten Thai Green Curry three times this week (DH isn’t here in the evening or there would definitely have been complaints) I was testing recipes, I concocted vegetable, fish and chicken variations, with different pastes and different coconut milk. Once with a little rice, but twice with cauliflower rice. When it comes to food, I like to take an idea and play with it.
  • The most cheer came from pushing new boundaries and an unexpected voice. Both bringing peace.

I hope you all had a bliss filled week, why not share what made you cheerful at the link below.

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