The Gallery – Fitness

This weeks’ post for The Gallery is Fitness. I was thinking of sharing what I see when I run, thought the sheep and cows just didn’t exude the word fitness, more the word lethargy. I thought of sharing pictures of my bike, but it really isn’t that exciting. So I thought I’d take my camera to the climbing wall and see what I could come up with.

For those that don’t know what I mean when I say the climbing wall, I climb at an 11m high indoor wall, which is adjacent to the cafe and is a full two stories of the gym complex. There are 19 routes. on a variety of walls, from graduated, to straight up, to those that look  more like bumpy rocks. Bolted to the wall are different coloured holds, that mark out a route set at different difficulties.

The holds are very different. Some are big, chunky, easy to hold or stand on, others are tiny, hard to grip or just awkward.

This pink hold is lovely, you can easily use two hands on it.

This black hold is a challenge, as you have to hook your fingers into it.

This blue hold, known affectionately by my climbing partner as the boob hold, is much hated, as there is nothing to hook your fingers in.

Here are my feet, yes I climbed up this route with my Panasonic Lumix G10 over my shoulder. Thanks must go to DH for holding me steady to take some of the shots.

The anchor at the top, which is what you are aiming to get to.

This is the view down from the top.

This the view on the way down.

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