The Yoon

It has been explained to me, most earnestly, by Mini, that the Yoon collects your dreams. That’s why you can’t remember them. As a reminder, he is four years old.

You see, my dear Mini has been having nightmares. In the evening he will wake four or five times in the first couple of hours complaining of a bad dream. I have ascertained that this dream is a song, but not much more than that.

Maxi has had his own issues with bad dreams, but Mama’s funny dance to take them away with magic (a thing to be seen, if I do say so myself) seems to have calmed him. Of course what worked with one doesn’t seem to work well with the other, but the way they have bad dreams is different. Mini will wake up, yet Maxi will just sit up, cry and snuggle back into bed. Though pre and post sleep will tell me in great detail that he doesn’t want to sleep as he doesn’t want the droideka to catch Mama.

A droideka is a battle droid from the new Star Wars films. His nightmares are always about something chasing Mama, prior to the droideka one, a big bug with red eyes and a stick like body would chase me.

Mini however, has created a strategy of his own to deal with his bad dreams. The Loon takes them to the Moon, to do what? To make the Moon shine of course.

It takes both good and bad dreams, thus the reason we rarely remember our dreams. He protects us so the bad dreams do not hurt us. He takes the dreams and does good.

This makes me smile. He always used to dream about Thomas the Tank Engine Trains. He would wake up mid story and tell me what was going on. He is rather Thomas and Percy and James obsessed. This evolution does make me think that my wee Mini may be growing into a rather self-sufficient creature. Not that I am surprised, he has to deal with a rather overbearing older brother and a manic Mama.

What strategies do your children create to battle the monsters and nightmares they face?

Droideka & Moon Images