1. Compliance with someone’s wishes or orders or acknowledgment of their authority.
  2. Submission to a law or rule.

If you asked my mother if I was an obedient child, she would probably say no. I was a child that pushed boundaries. I was a child that thought that she knew best. I was not always a good girl, though I was rarely a bad one.

When it comes to being an adult, I wonder, am I obedient or am I obstinate. I think I veer to being obstinate for most things, though once I have decided something, I follow through.

Why am I even bring this up? Well recently something has happened, to make me question this. I have decided to commit to something, it has the opportunity to bring with it great delectation, yet to achieve as such, there are obstacles mental and physical that need to be overcome.

What on earth am I talking about? Running!

OK, have you stopped laughing yet?

I am not built to run, I have suffered from shin splints, torn ligaments, bad knees and more, yet I want to start running at the grand old age of 37. Well I wanted to start last year, but by run 3 I had torn a ligament in my heel. Thus ending my running for about a year.

Then as now, I made a commitment to start, and complete an activity. I am incredibly bloody minded, great if I decide to agree with you, hell if I have an alternative point of view, BUT if I decide to do something my bloody mindedness wills me through the times that are hard, I do also love a challenge. If something needs to be done, I will get my act together and do it.

So obedience… This week I have started the C25K running program. I have a delightful running app, called Get Running. She tells me, which day I run, how long I run, she encourages me and tells me I’ve done a good job. I scream at her as I hate running, thought I like how she pushes me forward. Running has a rush by taking the thought or choice away, you have space to focus on the pleasure.

If my Mother is reading this she is probably cringing, her daughter drawn to something that makes decisions for her? Following the rules and being obedient… her Sunniva Anne?

I make decisions in every facet of my life, I am responsible for many things, including the well-being of three human beings. All, I would like to add, whom I am most fond of. Though the toil of ALWAYS having to decide EVERYTHING is tiring.

When it comes to running, SHE tells me what to do. SHE creates the torture and pleasure. I just do as I am told. I am obedient. It is an odd thing for me, to do as I am told without question, but it brings me peace, perhaps because I am enjoying the process so much. (Even if I complain about it to anyone and everyone that will listen)

Are you obedient or not? Do you like to fight for the sake of the fight, or comply and feel a sense of peace within?