Sexy Saturday

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

This is a saying I wholeheartedly believe. I don’t think beauty is in the object or person of desire, but of the observer. Thus the reason why different people can view the same thing and find it interesting, quirky, or beautiful, but that thought comes from them and them alone.

How I see beauty in people, is in their heart, their words, how they act, much more than what they look like. I find that looks get in the way of deciding if someone is interesting or just some pretty little thing to observe.

I digress, what has made me feel good about myself this week? Recently I updated  my avi picture, I had just had my hair cut and I usually change my image when I get my hair cut, just for some variety and I like it when I look less shaggy. I usually take pictures with my iTouch, using instagram, which allows me to take a photograph of what I see in the mirror (a flipped image) but that’s not working (long story).

I decided to play with my camera and the mirror in our hall and here is one of the images I took;

I like it because it looks like me; no make up, wearing a (Lego starwars) t-shirt and jeans (though you can’t see that). Just me playing about (never with a smile, I can be a bit of a grump on camera).

So when someone said that I looked beautiful in this shot, someone, if I am honest I am quiet in awe of, it made me feel good. Not that I agree with them, but in their eyes it is beautiful, and that made me smile. That and the fact that they even noticed that I exist…

So there you go… what’s making you feel sexy this week?

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