Reasons to be cheerful

This week has had its ups and downs;

  • I’ve started running using the C25K method – I hate running – I am not built for running – I scream at the perky woman in my ear encouraging me to carry on – though I feel good at the end of it and I need a form of outside exercise for the winter when it is too windy to cycle.
  • A person who is very dear has had some bad news – I can’t talk about it, but that kind of news that you are helpless to say or do anything to assist – this is incredibly frustrating for me as I am a fixer – but has also reinforced how important they and their family are to me – that I can’t imagine my life without them
  • I have noticed one person leave my life and another join it – these actions are breaking my heart and bringing me peace
  • I found out that apparently my body clock is out of whack – who knew – apparently it is similar to suffering from jet lag – just not sorting itself out on its own – though in three days following what I have been given to do – I can see an improvement, I may be falling asleep at 23:00 – but that is normal and normal is sometimes good – to top it off I am waking up just before my boys jump on me, giving me the chance to get my thoughts straight in my head of a morning
  • It is my fathers birthday today – the man who set the bench mark for how I expect all men in my life to be like – few have or will ever live up to him – I have never met a man so honest – I wish he was geographically closer. He said to my boys that is was his birthday today – after they greeted him on the telephone with a lovely rendition of Happy Birthday – he asked them if they remembered what they felt on their birthday – we have given him wallflowers and a few other surprises, yellow and blue ones, I’ve been giving him these flowers on his birthday for years, when I see them growing it is him I think of with a smile – and when I asked the boys what birthdays are all about, they didn’t say presents, they said Cake and Cuddles

So to this hard and horrid, interesting and exciting week I just want to remind you all, birthdays are all about Cake and Cuddles. I hope you have had shared much of both this week.

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