I was asked recently why I blogged. I explained why I started here, but why do I write now? Perhaps that is quite different.

To start with, I wrote to practice putting words together. Back then, I had gotten into the habit of rarely writing anything, save a birthday card or a shopping list. I had just found that I am a high functioning dyslexic, had spent a couple of months working with a dyslexic teacher, who said I was not the normal student he had the pleasure of teaching and at the end of our time together he asked me to write something.

Eek, what to write? I don’t have the piece of prose now, I believe that I have lost the file when my hard drive died, though I remember it was about my life. Something about being a Mama. Just the kind of words that I tend to post here.

To complete the story, on the day I was finding out that I was dyslexic, I was also having the incredible experience of attending one of Clare Campbell’s Wild Woman courses. Where I learnt that being sassy and seeking the juice in life are paramount. More than that, I learnt that there is gold in all of our stories and that sharing these experiences is a good thing.

I didn’t fully appreciated that then, but I knew one thing, I was ready for a change in my life. I had cut my hair short and was about to bump into an individual that would change how I think about life forever.

This is all history. The blog has changed since then, or at least a little. Nowadays I don’t expect to post every day. I often do, but don’t feel guilty for not doing so. I also schedule pieces, something I didn’t realise was an option when I first started. I also join in with weekly linkys and love being tagged, as they give me inspiration, even if I sometimes take a while to reply to them. I say this knowing I have a wrap up of 2011 tag sitting in my drafts folders.

From the days of not getting any views, to the day, early on, that I must have been on the wordpress homepage, as it’s my most viewed day, to the average traffic I get today, I have had over 24,000 views. I remember when I celebrated 1,003 views. It amazes me that anyone reads this. It freaks me out that people I know in real life read it.

Though why do I do it? I don’t know, it keeps me out of mischief and is a diary of what I was thinking at a particular time. I often write to you and as I’ve said before, the words are written one way, yet often have a different meaning to me. A catharsis, to get out what is in my beautifully crazy brain. Yes I am a fan of the insanity of my brain and couldn’t wouldn’t  change anything about it.

As I explained this to my friend, they understood; they too often put pen to paper to release thoughts of the brain. However what they didn’t understand and were interested in, was why would I share such personal thoughts? Yet I don’t believe I talk of anything consequential. Whilst the food I cook and pictures there of are popular, it is not as if I am discussing anything of importance.

I read a comment on a friends blog (that has since been deleted) that writing should be about topics with gravitas. When women write, they should do so about subjects that empower women. For me I just write what is in my head and most of what is in my head is only of importance to me. This is my space, my rules.

This is a space to share, to burble (I am good at that) and to rearrange my thoughts into coherent patterns.

I however have no clue why I share with other people. Why do I publicise my musings? Why do other bloggers share?

With this in mind, I thought I would throw this question to @babberblog, @sahdandproud, @adamplum, @thefooltweets, @DirtyLittleW, @dadofthemonkeys, @iflibble and @schweingums not just why do you blog, but why do you share your thoughts with the world?

Why? Image