The Gallery – 8pm

This week’s prompt for the Gallery is 8pm. Tara has asked us to capture what occurs; Is that the bedtime hour? Is it workout time, walk the dog time, lie back in a bath and forget about the day time? Is it paint your nails time, trim your beard time or sit down to an evening of crafting?

I tried to think of something to photograph. I wanted to capture the dusk, but there wasn’t much light and I needed the tripod. I was just serving dinner. That’s it, the thing I was doing at 8pm on Saturday evening. I usually eat with the boys, but today was DH’s day off and I thought he deserved a wee treat, so I cooked duck breasts.

I shared the idea in the morning, essentially because I like to know when things are planned to happen. Anticipation is half the fun and it was shared that duck was not a favourite. Thus to be honest I was a bit peeved. But that was dinner, so needed eating.

We spent the afternoon in the garden, tidying, pruning, picking apples and digging up potatoes. My house was covered in a layer of mud, but I could use our bounty for dinner.

I scored the skin of the duck, seasoned with salt and pepper, pan-friend in a cast iron pan, prior to cooking in the oven, 15 minutes for me, and longer for him (he likes his meat cooked with no blood). I steamed the potatoes, just pulled from the garden, then added the broccoli and asparagus (the vegetables of kings IMHO). I wanted a sauce, but DH isn’t a fan of a de-glazed thin sauce, so, whilst not traditional with duck, I made a thick creamy sauce. Made in the pan the duck was cooked, after the oil had been poured away, I used some of the marrow jam my mother had made, some seasoning, and added (tinned) double cream. This has been the first time I have ever cooked with tinned double cream, DH had brought some home from work and I had no clue what it was going to be like. The previous experience of tinned cream was with  my Grandmother, her getting me to whip it with a hand-held whisk, one of my most favourite culinary jobs growing up.

There you go, dinner, ready, at a respectable night on a Saturday night. Grown up food at a grown up time. Received with much delight, I may add, I thing DH had just forgotten that he is quite partial to duck breasts.

And just to share, for completeness, this was the apple pie that was ready to be devoured after it.