Gap in the Clouds

The weather has been hideous the last couple of days. I know many houses have been flooded, those in the next street have had power outages. I have been lucky, our garden is a mess due to debris scattered through it, other than that not too bad. Though why does the weather always seem to misbehave on bin collecting day?

The rain been too bad either, I forgot to pick up my raincoat this morning, I know, totally stupid. Though it’s not rained that much, just a spray, which hardly gets you wet. Last night the rain was lashing down, but just as I thought I might stand outside, get soaked to my core, feel rain hit my skin, it stopped. This was incredibly annoying, as I quite fancied getting soaked.

I may love the rain, but I am not a fan of the wind. I have a wee car that is easily lifted or buffeted by the wind, and this weather makes my children go loopy. (a common occurrence apparently). What it does do, is move the clouds very fast through the sky.

Whilst I was walking to my car from the post office, doing so slowly as I really did want to feel the rain on my face, I noticed a patch of blue. Not a large patch, but a patch of beautiful blue sky framed by the grey ones. A wee puff of white cloud was next to it, but mostly it was surrounded by grey. Grey clouds that were moving at speed to cover this gap over.

I stood and watched, anyone looking at me must have thought me quite peculiar, a grown woman observing the sky. Though that minute I thought that even though there are dense dark clouds, that water and wind are propelling themselves at us at a vast pace, above them, where we may not always see, but must remember is there. There are blue skies. The kind that make you smile.

So, just as a reminder, here is the sky ten days ago;