Sexy Saturday

Today has been a hard week, it’s gone very fast, and whilst I think I’ve been mildly productive, I still have a huge To Do list.

To top it off, I have had a sore back, sore neck, huge bruise on my bad knee (created by bashing it whilst climbing) and I just feel yucky. I feel squishy and fat too.

I was having  a minor whine to a dear friend today and I said, amongst other things that I feel plump, need to work on that. (I am working on being kind to myself and saying that I felt fat and lumpy just wasn’t nice to me)

Now due to a hideous time difference, it was a while until I got a response. This is what came back

Is soft and warm smile🙂

Now it may be small, it may not mean much to anyone else, but this comment made me smile. You know, one of those smiles that emanates from deep inside. I felt good about myself, I felt sexy.

You see sexy to me is not only being desired in a carnal way, but being made to feel good about yourself. Confidence is sexy, belief in oneself is sexy. This one comment made me feel good, and whilst I do feel plump, I know it is soft and warm. To make it even more special, it was said to me by one of my top five people on the planet who I love to pieces.

That’s enough of my being soppy, I will get told off.. if you ever read this…

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Dirty Little Whispers