Wow! An Award

Wow.. I’ve been given an award! The Silver Quill Award by the truly wonderful BlueBirdSunshine.

I am always humbled when I get given these kind of things, for a start I am amazed anyone actually reads my words, that they like them makes me smile, so thank you.

Now, as is traditional, some questions, so here goes…

1. Do you prefer rhyming or non rhyming poetry?

Oh this has to be rhyming when it comes to children’s books, they keep me interested when I am reading the books for the hundredth nay thousandth time. However when it comes to poetry for me, and I like reading poetry, I like non rhyming poems. Do look for Clare Campbell’s juicy poetry, beautiful words from a gorgeous goddess.

2. Favourite Shakespeare play?

Hmm, I am a fan of Hamlet, I just adore Ophelia. Then there is Romeo and Juliet, who doesn’t like that, but then again I am a soppy wee thing. I have fond memories of A Midsummer’s Night Dream from School, but I think my favourite is the comedy Much Ado about Nothing, light fluffy but with twists and a great fuss about insignificance, kind of sums me up.

3. Favourite author?

Oh my… this is a hard one. If it were recipe books it would probably be Nigella Lawson or Nigel Slater. I love Paulo Coelho, I have read almost everything he has written. But I also like Ayn Rand, I’ve read everything she wrote. At the moment I am revisiting one of my favourite books of my teenage years, On The Road by Jack Kerouac. Oh this is so hard…. I love books fiction and non fiction, I really don’t have a favourite.

4. What is your favourite music album?

Oh my, I have no clue, I am most fond of Fight with Tools by the Flobots but I think I will go with Supernatural by Carlos Santana, but it would be something different if you asked me tomorrow.

5. Which colour do you most dislike?

Baby pink, perhaps, but I think each colour has a place.

6. Name a poem or song which makes you feel emotional.

Poem would be Cloths of Heaven by William Butler Yeats easy, but the song, hmmm, so many, today Ed Sheeran, Kiss Me.

Now I have to nominate some people who write blogs I love: SAHDandProud V2.0, Notes from the Cookie Jar, Slugs on the Refrigerator and a posthumous nomination to the wonderful Mother Venting.

*No offence will be taken if you don’t accept awards and don’t want to join in.