The Gallery – Breakfast

If you follow my instagram feed, you’ll know that I like to post pictures of Breakfasts. Why? I have no idea, probably as I quite like to make the effort and make breakfast for DH as he works evenings and I don’t get to make him dinner at home (according to his work colleagues, I spoil him as I make him a cooked packed lunch to take with him for dinner)

So when I saw that Tara’s prompt this week for The Gallery was Breakfasts I smiled, as I would have the opportunity to dig out some old pictures.

Unfortunately lots of my shots are taken using my iTouch, but here are a few that have been taken by one of the Panasonic’s…

One Morning I realised I hadn’t cooked some lamb mince, so I made baked eggs, for a late breakfast, recipe here

I make pancakes lots, my children love them and they are really fast. I make American style ones, Sunniva style.

I just love this picture, the yolk oozing out, and soda bread is good to make when there is no bread in the house recipe here

DH’s favourite eggs are scrambled, they don’t photograph well, but I like the pink/orange colour of this tomato and garlic bread

Simple, a classic, bacon & eggs, I like my bacon crispy not a popular choice in my house.

But if I am honest, this is my favourite breakfast, poached eggs and asparagus. Dipping the tips into the yolks, divine.

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